Mar 16, 2019


Dear My Unfinished Business,

I haven't met or talked to you since, I don't know, years ago.

I know you now live in a city that never sleeps, a city that I know you've been dreaming of. When we used to know each other, I heard you said that you really wanted to live there, had a good job, and a family. I used to believe in prayers that day, so, yeah, I prayed for your dreams to come true one day. Even I did the midnight pray. And I'm happy now knowing you made it. Even having a family too there, a wife and a son. Really, I'm happy for you.

You didn't get along with your old man when we met. Sometimes, I found you were upset with him. When you talked about it and said bad words about him, I just listened and said that however that man was your blood too. Then, I knew your father died a couple years ago from some pictures I found on the the internet. You took some pictures when you came to his grave every year. From those pictures, I knew you finally could get along. It's a relief knowing you both could get along, but it's sad that he's gone now. 

I knew you really love your mom and your brother. And you still do until now. It's nice.

Once, I went to your city for a vacation. I really hoped that we met in a random way in malls, streets, or places that I visited. Actually, I could send you a message to ask you to meet me. But, I thought it wouldn't be a nice way since you had your own family now, and I had my man. It doesn't mean that I still love you. No. But, I still care. I do. Maybe, it's because you're still my "unfinished business." I just wanted to say that I'm happy knowing you reaching your life goals and I wanted to meet your wife and kid. They're so lucky having a man that dare to reach his dreams.

Do you know why I call you "my unfinished business?" Okay, I'll tell you. I really fell in love with you, years ago. Okay, years ago. I didn't know if you felt the same way about me. Maybe you did, at the first time. I thought I made a great "team" with you. Then you went to your dream city for some project when you were still a student for 2 months. When you came back to town, you wanted to leave me. I was a little shocked when you told me that. I was wondering what was wrong. Maybe it was me. It was my really first time to have someone close to me. It was my first time to trust this heart to fall deeply in love. You were someone that I looked for, you were an artist, you were nerd but the cool one too, you used to wear the "Clark Kent's glasses." Oh, I love Superman. What you said was cliche that I was too good for you. No, I wasn't good enough for you, was I? I wasn't cute enough maybe? Or did I care too much about you, so you felt there was no air around you? Or I was too old-fashioned kind of girl? I'm still wondering until now. After a week (maybe) we broke up, suddenly you just showed up at my college with your friends. A friend of mine told me that you were there. Some part of me wanted to see you because I wanted to make it clear the reason why you left. But, I never took the chance to meet you. I was ashamed to meet you because I thought I wasn't the good one for you to show to your friends (or mine) that I was your ex. I was too ashamed to see you, to look at you in the eye. I was too ashamed. This is why I called you "my unfinished business." I never really asked why when I had the chance. I never showed you that I still care. I never show you that I missed you.

Then I heard some news that you met your ex before you left me. Maybe you fell in love again with her. You made some calls to your ex when we were still together. Then you came back to town and dumped me. Maybe it was my fault, I couldn't be the best one for you to hold on to.

I forgive you now and I forgive myself. Do you forgive me for not being the best?

If you read my letter, let me know.

Warm regards,

Mar 14, 2019


It's a bit late to write a review about The Punisher (Season 2 Netflix) because it's already on Netflix since January 18, 2019. But I need to write something to improve my skill on writing in English :p

Actually I watched the first season too, but I didn't make a review. I was kind of forgot about my hobby.

As we all know that this series is based on Marvel's comic books about a former marine, Frank Castle (John Bernthal), who turned into a vigilante named The Punisher. On this second season, he had to "babysit" a girl named Amy (Giorgia Whigham) because someone named "John Pilgrim" (Josh Stewart) attempted to kill her. Castle felt that there was something she didn't tell him why someone wanted to kill her. On this season, we will know how Billy Russo a.k.a Jigsaw (Ben Barnes) dealt with his pain after The Punisher brutally beaten him up in first season.

This season we'll still watch blood (a lot of blood), gunshots, and so many fight scenes. It still got a great choreography. We'll watch how Castle "danced" in every fighting scenes using whatever stuffs around him every where, in jail, in the office, in the gym, room, or streets. This part is really nice, I think. I love the fighting scenes in The Punisher series. 

If you are studying psychology, this series serves some therapy techniques how to deal with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), anxiety, and phobia. It's not much because this show is not about psychology genre, but it's enough to show us how to do it.

Even if this show still got some good fighting scenes, but I guess The Punisher was a lot "softer" than the first season. We'll see how Castle was so weak when it's about women and kids. I don't really like it. 

As the news spread, Netflix canceled the third season of The Punisher. I was sad about this. It's a good show about antihero we all deserve.

So, my score for this show is 3/5 because I don't really like when Castle was too "soft" as The Punisher.

Mar 12, 2019


Been a while not posting any series reviews haha.. Lately, I've been watching this new series from Netflix called "The Umbrella Academy." The series is an adaption from a comic book withe the same tittle made by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, published by Dark Horse Comics. The series was on Netflix since February 15, 2019, developed by Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater. It's about a dysfunctional family of adopted siblings who reunite after their foster father died. These seven siblings are not just ordinary people like us. Each of them have their own super powers. So, here they are the seven siblings :

  1. Number One (Super Strong). He has big body, and yes just like what people called him "Super Strong," he is really strong.
  2. Number Two (Super Bitter). He throws knives right on  the target, never missed.
  3. Number Three (Super Famous). She is a movie star and she can make anyone to do what she asked.
  4. Number Four (Super High). Oh, yes, SUPER HIGH. He likes drugs. And he can talk to dead people. Lol.
  5. Number Five (Super Old). He can do time travel. That's why he's old.
  6. Number Six (Super Dead). Why is he called Super Dead? Yes, because he is dead. That's why he's not in the picture.
  7. Number Seven (Super Ordinary). Did I mention each of them have their own super powers? I think I made mistake.
I think this series can make some new air among genre kind of superheroes. The series is funny enough and a little touchy because it's about family matter. Family is not just about blood, right? It's about who stand up with us no matter what, even when the apocalypse happens. This show is full of surprises from each character development and the plot twist. It makes me "one more episode and I'll sleep" every time I end watching an episode. The soundtracks are great. Maybe it's because Gerard Way is the creator of the comic book.

I give this show score 5/5. Great plot and great music.