Jan 9, 2016

For You, I Won't Change

It was a cold night, but the street was crowded by people. There's a carnival celebrating this little town's anniversary.
"Hey," he said. She was a little surprised hearing his voice again. It was a long time ago since he said goodbye.
He could see her eyes almost dropped those tears.
"Hey, you're back," she said. "You're here."
"Hmm, yeah. Here I am," he said. "So, are you okay? Well, stupid question I guest. You don't look like you're okay. Sorry."
"I'm not," she cried.
"Do people hurt you?"
She nodded. "Time is ticking, seasons are changing, and so are people. They're just getting worse and I can't stand it."
He wiped her eyes and said, "So, does he hurt you too?"
She said, "Wise man said that the one who hurts you the most is the one that you love the most."
He hugged her and said, "The world may change. People may change. But, for you, I won't change."
"You won't? It means you won't stay."
"I won't."